Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Big News!

We're excited to announce that we're expecting a baby boy November 20th!

First pic of our boys together--a sign of things to come?
Logan's probably going to struggle with the new addition, but for now he's really excited. Almost every day for the past two weeks he's asked "baby bruh-er? . . . Today?"

People always talk about how each child is different, we just never thought we'd start noticing the differences this early. So far:
  • This pregnancy has been so different from the last pregnancy that we were certain this baby was a girl. So much for a mother's intuition :). 
  • When comparing ultrasounds (taken at the exact same time during pregnancy), we assumed they'd look about the same. But from what we can tell, this baby's features, including his forehead, nose, and lips, differ significantly from Logan's.
  • He already seems to have a different personality, too! From the moment I first felt Logan move, he never stopped moving, which translated to a very active newborn who never slept. This baby is so calm in comparison, and he seems to have a very distinct rhythm. I feel him move about two times during the day, once in the early afternoon for about 30 minutes, and then again from around 11 p.m.-Midnight. Hopefully this means he'll actually sleep...but I'm not holding my breath (better to have low expectations).
We're eager to meet our baby boy and get to know his unique personality!