Wednesday, June 25, 2014

September-December 2013

September 2013

September was a pretty relaxing month after the hustle and bustle of summer.

Logan loves helping Bryan organize his tools.
The very best time to go to Disneyland is in September, before they put up the Halloween decor. No lines!

October 2013

We welcomed another awesome brother-in-law into our family when my sister Rachel married Joey! We are so happy for them, Rachel was practically giddy all day long. They got married in California, which was especially nice for us because because it was a great excuse to play hosts to my family, and because by that point we were pretty sick of traveling. They married on Friday, and my parents and two youngest sisters stayed until Tuesday. It was the perfect weekend with one caveat: Shelley and Josh couldn't come due to Shelley being almost due.

Playing at the park behind our complex.

For Halloween this year I thought I'd be lazy it'd be fun to dress Logan up as a cowboy, and boy was he cute! He got so much practice dressing up for Bryan's work party, for our Stake Trunk-or-Treat Party, and for some genuine trick-or-treating around our complex, that he seemed almost authentic. He especially loved discovering what candy was, and thus became the chocoholic we now know and love.

November 2013

November was such a busy month that we forgot to take pictures. But we did manage to get one of the castle at Christmastime. Leave it up to Disney to make it feel like winter in 70 degree weather. Moments after taking this picture, fake snow started falling all around us, and I finally discovered that snow really is beautiful--when it's warm outside, that is.

Bryan had a trial in Delaware the week after Thanksgiving, but flew out to D.C. the week before for trial prep. We didn't want him to spend Thanksgiving alone, so Logan and I flew to D.C. with him for the week of Thanksgiving, where we enjoyed our first-ever Thanksgiving in a restaurant. I've gotta say, it was kind of nice having the day off and getting a chance to watch the parade; though we did miss our traditional feast. The day after Thanksgiving Logan and I hopped on a plane to Minnesota, while Bryan hopped in a car to Delaware.

December 2013

Logan and I spent the first half of December visiting my family while Bryan worked around the clock in Delaware. I think that's how I'd like to spend all of Bryan's business trips. We made it back to California in mid-December for some warm winter weather and the Newport Beach Boat Parade.

Every year near Christmas, people snaz up their boats and yachts and parade them through the Marina. If you're ever in SoCal near Christmas, we highly recommend it.

Then we packed our bags and headed to Alaska--yep, that's right, Alaska in the middle of winter--for Christmas with Bryan's brother Dave and his family; Bryan's dad flew out, too. Bryan had me prepped for 24-hour darkness and -50-minus degree weather, but we were pleasantly surprised. The sun actually does come out for a few hours every day, and it was warmer than Minnesota had been weeks prior. We had a blast. One of our favorite things was a going up to Dave's cabin, where we rode snow machines (my first time!) and had a bonfire by the lake.

Some photos from playing in the snow. We had to borrow some warmer gear, if you can't tell :).