Sunday, August 17, 2014

Potty Mouth

Yep, if you’re ever around Logan for long enough, you’ll probably hear a couple of choice words. But in our parental defense, he’s not saying what you think he’s saying. You may think you heard the “f” word, but what he’s really saying is “frog” (and he LOVES frogs), "flag," "fork," or “smoke." And please believe us when we tell you he didn’t really just say “s**t”, he just wants you to “sit” and play with him.

Once as we were driving to pick Bryan up from work, I kept hearing “f***” from the back seat at the most random times; I started to worry that maybe he was saying the real thing. I didn’t know quite what to do so I just ignored it, but a few minutes later the radio station played its theme yet again. I hadn’t noticed before, but apparently we were listening to K Frog Radio. Phew. I just hope he hasn’t busted out these words in church nursery.

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Hilarious!!! Love it when kids say new words! This is Kira. our family blog is