Wednesday, April 9, 2014

May-August 2013

So I don't really like playing catch-up, but feel compelled to do it before I can write more relevant posts. It turns out I don't have the time, or the patience, to write a detailed description of every month, so here's the condensed version of May through August 2013. Condensed versions of September through December 2013, and January through April 2014 will soon follow.

May 2013

We took Logan to his first sporting event: the Men's Volleyball National Championship on UCLA's campus. BYU vs. UC Irvine. Go Cougars! We didn't win, but sure had a great time. Notable moments: President Samuelson said "hi" to us; taking selfies between matches; and the nice family sitting next to us gave Logan a mini volleyball to take home.

Logan's first baseball game: Angels vs. ...?? I can't remember who the Angels played, or who won, but it sure was a lot of fun. Our good friends had extra tickets and invited us along. The seats were amazing, and we couldn't have picked better company. We even got free Angels hats. It turns out Logan loves baseball as much as his dad, he sat still through most of the game (wow!)
Logan and Bryan went on their first father-son campout--camp evening, really.

June 2013

We met Bryan's mom and stepdad in Vegas.

 Logan and I shared our first frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3 (we tried to go to the one in
 New York, but limited time and a 3-hour wait dissuaded us).

We spent much of June exploring SoCal.

Hiking somewhere near Laguna Beach

July 2013

We flew to St. Louis to spend the 4th with Bryan's sister and her family.
Waiting for a cute 4th of July parade in St. Charles to begin
Logan playing with his cousins after the parade

Later in July we made another Utah trip where we saw all of Bryan's siblings and most of Logan's cousins.

Logan's cousins took good care of him.

While we were there, Logan and I went on a quick trip to Rexburg (no pics) to watch my sister Amber graduate from Nursing School.

August 2013

We must have spent a lot of time at the beach because we have tons of pictures there. Here are a couple of our favorites:

My sister Shelley and her Husband, Josh, visited from Minnesota. Unfortunately, I don't have a single good picture of them from their visit, just this one of Bryan, Logan, and me in Disneyland; imagine Josh and a cute pregnant Shelley sharing our cage in this Ferris Wheel pic, because that's where they were! Maybe she'll send me some pics I can upload later.

During their stay we also spent a weekend in Big Bear (again, no pics) where Bryan and Josh accidentally stole a canoe (apparently it belonged to the cabin next door, even though it was attached to ours) and fished unsuccessfully. My sister Rachel and her then-fiance-now-husband, Joey, made the trek from Apple Valley to visit with us for an evening.

At the end of August Amber married Shane! We love them together, and I'm happy to say that we've welcomed yet another awesome brother-in-law to the mix. Stacey and Lizzy (my youngest sisters) are perhaps the luckiest, as they now have four brothers-in-law to tease them, which they do mercilessly. Bahahahaha.

Keeping Logan entertained on the beautiful grounds during Amber and Shane's reception.
 I spy two little horns. Perhaps a foreshadowing of things yet to come?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

May 2013: Logan Turns One!

We celebrated by going to Disneyland (of course), opening gifts, and doing the traditional cake smash. Unfortunately, Logan isn’t much of a cake smasher. Unlike many toddlers, he doesn’t really like to get dirty (I can’t even get him to pick up a banana with his bare hands); plus he doesn’t like sweets much (kid doesn’t even like ice cream—proud, but confused because it’s definitely not genetic). So he picked at his cake and took a couple of bites, but that’s all we could get out of him.

Petting the goats at Disneyland
We keep a journal of our favorite things about Logan. Here are some of the things we wrote down a few days before his birthday:

He points at every light and says “doo”
He has the most adorable belly laugh
He waves at everybody, especially at the grocery store; it’s like I’m pushing him around on a parade float instead of a grocery cart.
When Bryan puts Logan on his shoulders, Logan pulls on his ears like they are reins.
We pull him into bed with us in the mornings and he rolls around and is very cuddly
He squeals with delight when Daddy comes home from work
He puts his whole fist in his mouth when he eats cheerios
He carries his toys in his mouth as he crawls around, he looks like a little puppy dog
He likes crawling so much that he won’t even attempt to walk
He claps whenever anyone cheers
He loves everything about water— swimming in it, drinking it, bathing in it, drinking it while bathing in it (Yuck. And he’s so sneaky about it, too.)….

Funny side note that has absolutely nothing to do with this post: I've had control of our blog for 4/5.5 years and I've finally caught up with Bryan. We are now even at 10 posts each!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April: My Cousin’s Wedding/Reuniting with an old friend/Beginning of the Happiest Year at the Happiest Place on Earth

In April my cousin Corinne got married in Tucson. Road trip! We had a blast at Corinne and Trevor’s wedding. Corinne glowed the whole night, the wedding ceremony was beautiful, and they threw a fantastic party afterward. We are so happy for them, they complement each other perfectly.

Logan crawling around after the wedding.
Lucky for me, one of my good friends from college, Brenda, lives in Tucson, and we were able to catch up while I was there. It was so fun to eat Chinese food (which of course made us think of you, Kyna:) and reminisce.

In mid-April we bought annual passes to Disneyland and haven’t looked back. Okay, Logan and I haven’t looked back. Bryan’s a good sport and stomachs my crazy love of Disneyland. Contrary to what one would think, the more we (Logan and I) go, the more we love it, and, consequently, the more we want to go. I try to limit our trips to once a week, but sometimes it’s tough and I slip. Good thing Logan loves it as much as I do; I don’t know what I’d do if my child didn’t like Disneyland.