Monday, March 24, 2014

March 2013: Hotel Living/Utah Trip/Apartment Hunting/Bryan’s Birthday

Bryan’s firm was kind enough to put us up in a hotel for a month while we searched for housing. Suffice it to say, once our month was up we were more than happy to move somewhere more permanent. Nine-month-old babies and hotel rooms don’t mix well. We found a little two-bedroom apartment that’s perfect for our family and is only ten minutes from Bryan’s work. Did I mention it has two bedrooms? We were living in a one-bedroom in Arlington, and although Logan didn’t sleep in our room, we were beginning to feel a little smooshed. We all sleep much better now that Logan has his own space :).

In the midst of our hotel stay we decided to take a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to Utah. Bryan left work a couple of hours early on Thursday, we packed our bags and drove through the night. Sounds good in theory, right? Cuz that’s when the baby sleeps. Wrong. Hours 1-6 were okay, but 7-9 were tough. We both have a hard time sleeping in the car, and Logan slept fitfully, at best. We couldn’t talk or play music for much of the trip because he would wake up screaming when we did. Which, you can imagine, makes for quite a boring (i.e. tiring) road trip. And then once we arrived, it wasn’t like we could make up any lost sleep; our little rooster—as we like to call him (6 AM every day, no joke)—was wide awake and ready to play. Plus, Bryan had to work (yep, he got the worst of it). So yeah, lesson learned, no more overnight road trips. Daytime road trips are better; even with a screaming child :).

It was worth it in the end, though. Logan met two more cousins, Jorja and Jocelin, whom he absolutely loved, and who doted on him the entire time.

We spent Bryan’s birthday moving in, and somehow found enough kitchen gear to celebrate with red velvet cupcakes. Okay, more like pink velvet cupcakes—I ran out of food coloring. No pics*, which is too bad because they were pretty funny looking. I still feel sorta bad because we didn’t do much to celebrate with all the moving/unpacking. We’ll have to make up for it this year.

Sleepy after church, Logan at 10 months.

*Yikes, I'm beginning to realize I don't take nearly enough pictures!