Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2012 in a Nutshell

I jumped a little ahead of myself with that last post, but if you're at all curious what happened in 2012, here it is in a nutshell*:

January through May of 2012 Bryan worked a lot to build up hours for paternity leave, I nested , and we spent our free time visiting the Smithsonian, doing other D.C. things, and taking little road trips, including a long weekend in Williamsburg in January. By May our home was perfectly organized, spotless, and everything was ready for our baby. That is, everything except his name—Luke or Tyler, we weren’t quite sure. Bryan took to calling him Little Critter, as did other members of our families, a nickname that took a few months to squash once Logan was born.

Becoming parents was a wonderful shock. Our first day as a family, Bryan and I utterly exhausted, Logan quiet in his bassinet at the foot of the hospital bed where Bryan and I lay, we experienced a peaceful and overwhelming feeling of happiness. That moment helped us through those first five weeks when he seemed to cry more than he was calm and sleep less than was humanly possible. With a lot of help from my mom who (thank goodness) stayed with us for two weeks shortly after he was born, we learned to survive on little sleep and change diapers with the best of them. And by the time Bryan’s paternity leave was over we had begun to feel like we were getting the hang of the whole parenting thing. At five weeks Logan started reflux medication, and from that time since (with the exception of sleep problems—surprisingly [for a new parent] difficult to handle) he has been an angel to raise.

I’m impressed you’re still reading this! But, if you’re not me, the next paragraph may be a little tedious…it’s mostly to help me remember how Logan met his extended family.

May through August were spent with a steady flow of visitors (Mom; Bryan’s mom and stepdad, Chuck; my parents, Stacey, and Lizzy for Logan’s blessing and the Fourth of July; Shelley and Josh; and Amber) who showered Logan with love affection and with whom we toured DC again and again. At the end of July, when Logan was two-months old, we took a trip to Utah to meet Bryan’s dad and visit Bryan’s mom and stepdad. September and October were fairly calm. We had another influx of visitors in November: Bryan’s brother Dave on a business trip from Alaska; Chuck visited on his way home from Georgia; Bryan’s sister, Susie, who had a conference in Maryland; and Bryan’s dad visited with his girlfriend, Katie, for Thanksgiving. We visited my family for Christmas where Logan met my sister, Rachel, and my family spoiled Bryan and me by watching Logan while we went on our first real dates in months. By the end of the year Logan had met all 6 of his grandparents, and nine of his eleven aunts and uncles.

* Forgive me for the lack of pictures, I was too lazy to search through my old photos and upload them. I'll try to include some moving forward.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello, 2014!

Can I get a what-what! for a new year? I love a clean slate. A new day is good, a new week—even better, a new month rocks my socks, so you can imagine how much I love a new year.* And this year is extra special because I don’t feel trapped indoors, which makes my resolution to get in shape a bit easier to achieve. It also helps that it’s beach weather today**, i.e., no hiding behind chunky winter clothing. See ya later, 2013, you were great, but hopefully 2014 will be even better. Here’s to new adventures!

*My peppiness may be a little over the top—must be all the endorphins from actually sticking to an exercise regimen…. Look out! I might be slightly more annoying in 2014. 
**Shameless plug for visits.