Sunday, August 30, 2009


We love our new home! It's even better than advertised.

The weather is perfect, the people are kind, and the campus is gorgeous! We were both surprised at how fantastic it is. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I find out Stanford has an on-campus and extremely ritzy ($200 + membership fees for 18 holes) golf course that is only $20 for students!

We haven't been able to explore much because I've been interviewing all week and Afton's been busy studying. Nevertheless, we already have some camping trips planned with some Ward members, including one to Yosemite. We can't wait!

Everybody's very happy here, and we believe it's because of the weather. It's always sunny with a cool breeze. What else could anyone want?!

If we would have known it was so great here, we maybe would have interviewed with some local offices. Despite our love of the area, however, we doubt we could EVER afford a home here. The loveliness of the area is well-reflected in the real estate pricing:).

Anyway, we have nothing but positive things to say. We're going to add some years to our education so that we can stay just a bit longer!