Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reporting from the Virgin Islands!

Wow! The Virgin Islands is everything we hoped it would be!

We live right on the beach in a neat little studio condo (the picture on the upper left is from our deck). At nights, after I return from work, we go down to the beach and snorkel. On the weekends and holidays, we are able to go to other beaches n' stuff.

The fish are outstanding! As soon as I am able to develop the film, we will scan them and put them on the blog.

As for the quality of life on the islands, we're just glad we live in a touristy (a.k.a. safe) area. There is quite a bit of drugs and violence. Transportation is cheap, as you can catch the "Safari" for only $1 (although they'll sometimes try and rip you off if you're a tourist). The food is good (but expensive), we have good friends, the sand is white, and the water is clear and warm. In short, we love this place.

We hope to take more pictures soon and post the meantime, enjoy your summers!