Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Finally! No more studying until 11 o' clock every night! No more stressful Torts, Legislation, or Civil Procedure case law and examinations! I'm free! (and utterly exhausted:)

Most importantly, Afton gets her husband back! She's been wonderfully understanding and patient. I couldn't be a luckier guy.

As for the celebration, I think sleep will suffice.

By the way, I hope these image I downloaded aren't copyrighted... You need to beware of these things, you know...:)

You'll be happy to know that the first year of law school is everything they say it is! We didn't get a Christmas Break, Spring Break, any holidays, or even Saturdays off (of course, we didn't have classes, but we had homework). Good thing summer's here (and the Virgin Islands is right around the corner!!!!!).