Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chicago News!!!

Hello, everyone!

Updating our blog isn't our specialty, but rest assured that when we do, it's worth your while!

We've done all sorts of fun things since arriving here. Last week Afton and I attended Wicked, a Broadway musical currently held at Ford Theater (as if you needed an introduction). I'm not much for musicals myself, but this was awesome. The special effects and acting were something else. I highly recommend.

We've also seen the circus, the zoo, crazy Halloween stuff, etc. We have yet to see a Cubs game or go ice skating in Millennium Park, however... Primarily, though, I must confess, we do nothing but study. All day. Every day.

Married life is amazing, by the way. Heck, if I'd a known it were this good, I would have married Afton much earlier...:)

We live a block from Obama (who is revered as borderline deity in these parts) and are sad he's leaving for Washington, D.C. (and not only because he's going to be the President :) Now that all of his security personnel left our neighborhood, all the criminals are coming back! Bummer.

Forgive my abbreviated update; I'll try and prod Afton into updating it more often (it's not easy, though:). Life is grand, and as soon as these -30 degree windchills let up, we'll be even better!

Chow Chow, amigoes!!!